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Dutch Masters Blue Dream Fusion Smokers Guide 

Dutch Masters is a trusted brand in the smoking community. Indeed, Dutch Masters Cigarillos are known for being smooth, flavorful, and perfectly balanced. For decades, these cigars, cigarillos, and wraps have been bringing joy and relaxation to smokers from all across America. 

Named after a delightfully bright strain of Sativa, Dutch Masters Blue Dream Fusion cigarillos are relatively new to the market. In fact, this can make them hard to find. However, if you do come by them, you might want to give them a try! 

These cigarillos burn smooth and slow and have the signature Dutchie kick that so many smokers love. Now, let’s go over the profile of these cigarillos in-depth so that you can decide if they’re right for you. 

Review of Blue Dream Fusion Dutches

If you like the flavor of Dutch Masters Silver, then these Blue Dream DutchMasters cigarillos are probably right for you. Not only are they very similar to Silver Dutches, but they have very mild hints of vanilla cream. As such, they produce a creamy and full-flavored tobacco taste with that signature Dutch Masters kick. 

Each pack of Blue Dream Fusion Dutches is foil-lined to preserve the flavors and freshness. Therefore, if you like your smoke sessions to be fragrant and mellow, these are a good option. 

As far as smoking goes, these bad boys burn smooth and slow for relaxing smoke sessions. Made of durable tobacco leaves, Blue Dream Fusion Dutch Masters Cigarillos are a durable option as well. 

Other Similar Dutches to Try

Apart from Blue Dream Fusion Dutches, there are various other flavorful options that you’re sure to appreciate. First of all, there’s the Berry Fusion flavor. These cigarillos have a mellow berry scent and very mild strawberry tones. 

Also, for those with a sweet tooth, there’s a Dutch Masters Chocolate Cigarillo flavor. This cigarillo has awesome cocoa notes and a great smell. Or, if you’re in the mood for something super creamy, give the Russian Cream flavor a try. No doubt about it, the sweet creamy taste and vanilla smell will leave your mouth-watering. 

Finally, for those seeking fruity sensations, the White Grape flavor is a safe bet. It’s slightly tangy with a slight grape smell. Essentially, all of these flavors are great for fans of Dutch Masters Blue Dream fusion cigarillos. Since Dutches are cheap, you can probably afford to try all of them! 

Where to Buy Blue Dream Fusion Dutches 

So why are Dutch Masters Blue Dream Fusion Dutches so hard to find and where should you buy them? Since these cigarillos are a relatively new option, they’re not in all of the smoke shops just yet. In addition to this, the Blue Dream Fusion flavor is pretty popular. Therefore, when you do find someone who sells these Dutches, they tend to be sold out.

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