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Why Zig Zag Wraps Are A Great Choice 

If you love keeping your green clean and free of toxins, organic Zig Zag Wraps made of hemp are definitely the way to go. After all, nothing enhances the tastiness of your terpenes more than a premium all-natural hemp blunt wrap. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we’re here to look into! 

Specifically, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of all-natural organic hemp wraps from Zig Zag! Previously, these Zig Zag papers were called Zags Wraps. These days, they’re known as KARMA Hemp Wraps. To be sure, these premium blunt wraps will still bring you the wholesome satisfaction your favorite strains deserve. Ready to learn more? Let’s get rolling! 

What to Know About KARMA Wraps 

First and foremost, it’s important to know that KARMA natural hemp wraps are completely free of tobacco, nicotine, GMOs, and unnatural additives. As such, they burn clean, slow, and smooth, just the way that nature intended! 

Secondly, it’s important to understand that these wraps come from an experienced rolling paper manufacturer. In fact, Zig Zag brand rolling papers have been around for well over 100 years. Therefore, when it comes to making a premium blunt wrap, this company knows what’s up. Now, let’s get into the specifics of KARMA Hemp Wraps!

These Zig Zags Wraps are Super Tasty 

When you open up a fresh foil-sealed packet of KARMA Hemp Wraps, you’ll immediately notice a fresh mouth-watering aroma. These wraps come with or without all-natural flavor and scent infusions. 

With this in mind, if flavorful smoking sessions are something that you like, these wraps are a great option. Alternatively, if you like all-natural unflavored tastes, they offer a flavorless wrap option as well. So, there’s something for every smoker to appreciate. 

Choose From Four Delicious Flavor Options 

For flavor options, you can select from Blazin’ Blue, Original (unflavored), Purple Chill, and Tropic Trip. To break down these flavors further, the Blazin’ Blue variant is smooth and slightly tangy with mouth-watering hints of blue raspberry. 

The Purple Chill wrap is slightly sweet with a great candy grape smell. Then, the Tropic Trip flavor has hints of ripe mangoes and sweet oranges!

Obviously, the unflavored wrap isn’t infused with anything fruity or sweet. However, it does have a light smooth taste that reportedly enhances the flavors of Sativa and Indica. Regardless, all of these wraps make for tasty smoke breaks! 

The Perfect Consistency for Easy Blunts 

In addition to being flavorful and having enticing scents, these wraps are just the right size and thickness for the ideal blunt. Indeed, with over a century of experience assisting smokers with rolling joints, spliffs, and fat blunts, Zig Zag has absolutely nailed the KARMA Hemp Wrap design. Consequently, these hemp wraps are extremely easy to roll a professional-looking blunt with. 

A Naturally Slow and Even Burn 

Last but certainly not least, organic all-natural KARMA Hemp Wraps burn beautifully. Slow, smooth, and even; every puff is wonderfully balanced. Also, you don’t have to worry about your stems or shake causing you any trouble. Overall, this makes for a wholesome, natural, flavorful, easy, and enjoyable smoking experience every time! 

Buy Zig Zag Wraps in Bulk for Cheap 

In the spirit of KARMA, we believe that what goes around comes around! That’s why we want to help you buy these premium Zig Zag Wraps at close to wholesale prices. Just click the link and you can access KARMA Hemp Wraps in all four flavors for cheap. Happy smoking!

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