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Air Fresheners

Average Price : $2.37


Average Price : $7.74


Average Price : $6.69

Cigar Cutters

Average Price : $50.49

Cigarette Cases

Average Price : $3.09

Cigarette Rolling Machines

Average Price : $30.77

Cigarette Tubes

Average Price : $3.51

Filter Tips

Average Price : $4.82

Grinds Coffee Pouches

Average Price : $36.09

Herbal Snuff and Pouches

Average Price : $41.41


Average Price : $39.77

Nicotine Lozenges and Gum

Average Price : $29.89

Nicotine Pouches

Average Price : $21.09

Pipe Accessories

Average Price : $8.16


Average Price : $32.62

Rolling Papers and Wraps

Average Price : $25.94

Rolling Trays

Average Price : $10.37

RYO Starter Kits

Average Price : $90.09

Tar Bar

Average Price : $4.84

Zippo Lighters

Average Price : $2.49

Smoking Accessories

Let us be honest, tobacco accessories are a must-have if you’re into RYO cigarettes and smoking cigars! After all, how do you plan on manufacturing your smokes without quality cigarette tubes and filters? Better yet, what’s a cigar without a cigar cutter? With these questions taken into consideration, the team at Riverfront Gifts made sure to stock up on plenty of smoking accessories for all our customers smoking needs. Indeed, at RFG we carry a large variety of tobacco-related products such as Air fresheners, Ashtrays, Candles, Cigar Cutters, Cigarette Cases, Filter Tips, Incenses, Pipe Accessories, Pipes, Rolling Papers, Wraps, Rolling Trays, RYO Tubes, Scales, Herbal Snuff, Tar Bar, Zippo Accessories, and much more! Plus, at RFG we offer a large selection of rolling machines, manual and electric! So if you’re looking to take cigarette making to a whole new level, then we absolutely suggest scooping an RYO cigarette machine! With this in mind, feel free to browse around, if you don’t see something of interest, please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, we’d love to hear from you!