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Black & Mild Cigars 

Hands down, Black & Mild Cigars by John Middleton are the most popular filtered tip cigarillo are the market. Indeed, even cigarette smokers enjoy a Black & Mild from time to time! Not to mention, you can walk into any c-store or smoke shop in America and purchase a pack of blacks with no problem! However, when you order your supply of Black & Milds from Riverfront Gifts you can score bundles deals that you can find anywhere else online or in-person! In addition to that, we carry a variety of flavors including Apple, Casino, Cream, Deluxe, Jazz, Original, Royale, Select, Wine, Sweets, & Cherry! Plus, we offer Shorts, Filters, and Wood Tips! So if you’re looking to save some cash and gas, then save the trip and order your Black & Mild Cigars online at Riverfront Gifts! Also, we offer our customers FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders that exceed $199 at checkout, allowing you to maximize your savings to the fullest.