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Hav A Tampa Jewels Original 10 5PKS
Hav A Tampa Jewels Original 10 5PKS
Hav A Tampa Jewels Original 10 5PKS

Hav-A-Tampa Original Jewels are indeed one of the best-selling, wood-tipped machine-made cigars on the market today, and have been for more than 115 years! Manufactured in Puerto Rico, USA, by ITG Brands, Hav-A-Tampa Jewels features a rich, well-balanced blend of Dominican and Honduran tobacco, which provides an outstanding flavor that’s hard to compete with, and that’s a fact. Not to mention, the Birchwood tip offers authenticity and originality, no wonder why they’re the #1 top-performing wood-tipped cigars worldwide! So if you’re tired of spending your hard-earned cash on cigars that are packed with leftover tobacco clippings, then now’s your chance to change all of that by securing our big 10-pack bundle box of Hav-A-Tampa Original Jewels! Other than that, we ship nationwide, from sea to shiny sea, guaranteed. So order with Riverfront Gifts and we’ll take care of the rest.

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