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Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Grape 30ct

There’s no doubt it, Optimo Grape Cigarillos by Swisher International are unique, authentic, rejuvenating, and inspiring! Not to mention, they’re affordable, especially if you pick up a 30-count case from Riverfront Gifts!

Indeed, RFG & Family holds it down in terms of service and unbeatable prices! But then again, we have decades of experience in the field, we know what the consumer expects, so we deliver nothing less! Plus, we offer the sweetest free shipping promos in the biz! In fact, if you pick up at least eight boxes of Optimos, we’ll consume all delivery fees and ship your supply out on the house, regardless of size! With this in mind, give us a try, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Swisher International
30 Packs of 2 Cigars
Dominican Republic

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