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Optimo Cigarillos

Optimo Cigarillos by Swisher International is an all-American, Jacksonville-based brand that’s been in production for over 120 years! So if you’re looking for something, smooth, original, unique, authentic tasting, and has long-standing credibility, then seek no further than Optimo Cigarillos! Indeed, these bad boys are balanced to perfection, rich in character, and most impressively, affordable! That’s right; at Riverfront Gifts ONLY you can score a 30-count (30 packs of 2) bundle box of Optimos for an average price of twenty-five bucks! Plus, these sticks come in a variety of wild and exciting flavors such as Green Leaf, Grape Green Leaf, Mango, Silver, Cream, Blue, Diamond, & Sweets! So if you’re looking to step your game up, then now’s the time to switch up to Optimo Cigarillos!