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Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Black Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Cherry Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Natural Blend 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Rum Cured 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Vanilla Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Whiskey 12oz Bag

Smoker’s Pride Pipe Tobacco

Smoker’s Pride Pipe Tobacco by STG Lane Limited is an international brand that manufactures its smoke right here in the United States. So if you’re looking for US-grown tobacco only, then Smoker’s Pride is right for you! Not to mention, this good stuff comes in several unique flavors including, Black Cavendish, Cherry Cavendish, Natural Blend, Rum Cured, Vanilla Cavendish, and Whiskey! So as you can see, when it comes to distinctive flavors, Smoker’s Pride holds the crown! Other than that, you can score a 12oz bag for an average price of twenty bucks! Which, we admit, twenty dollars for 12 ounces isn’t as cheap as some of our other brands, but then again, Smoker’s Pride goes far beyond standard tobacco, which makes these blends worth every penny! In fact, there’s nothing typical about Smoker’s Pride at all. That’s right; each bag of this goodness is packed with a well-balanced blend of ribbon cut tobacco, never shake, and is satisfying long after the flames die out. So switch to Smoker’s Pride today and NEVER settle for less again!


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