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Swisher Sweets Cigars & Cigarillos

Swisher Sweets by Swisher International is without a doubt, the King of machine-made cigars & Cigarillos! In fact, Swisher is a household name that goes back way before we were ever born! And until this day, Swisher remains the most popular cigarillo on the market today! Plus, these bad boys come in a variety of flavors and sizes such as cigarillos, blunts, coronas, little cigars, and Lonsdale, for all those out there who prefer a larger gauge. In terms of flavors, Swisher offers plenty! Indeed, you can score these cigars in Berry, Cherry, Grape, Smooth, Original, Sweets, Arctic Ice, Banana Smash, Black, Blueberry, Boozy Watermelon, Chocolate, Coastal Cocktail, Coco Blue, Diamonds, Passion Fruit, Peach, Purple Swish, Strawberry, Summer Twist, Sweet Cream, Swerve, Tropical Fusion, White Grape, Wild Rush, Honey, Green Sweet, Island Bash, & finally, Sticky Sweets! Now if that’s not an impressive line of flavors, then we don’t know what is! So if you’re looking to stash away some cash, then it all begins with choosing Riverfront Gifts as your #1 go-to supplier for all your Swisher Sweets! Indeed, we offer bundle deals, box sets, and twin packs! With this in mind, save thousands and switch to Swisher!