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Supreme Blend Cigarillos

Supreme Blend Cigarillos by Global Tobacco is an all-American brand of affordable machine-made, slim cigars! Not to mention, Supreme Blend offers 5 for 99¢, so if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck then we absolutely recommend giving Supreme Blend a try! In addition to that, these particular cigarillos are packed with premium Carolina-grown tobacco and manufactured with excellence in the USA! Plus, this brand offers a variety of wild flavored cigarillos such as SB Black Voodoo, Blueberry, Grape, Green Haze, La Palma Verde, Mango, Natural Buzz, Pineapple, Sweets, Tropical, Very Berry Cherry, Watermelon, and of course, White Grape! Furthermore, Supreme Blend Cigarillos are unique in flavor, authentic tasting, perfectly balanced, aromatic, and above all, satisfying! With this in mind, don’t pass by without stocking up on your supply of Supreme Blend.