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Pom Pom Cigars

Pom Pom Cigarillos by Swisher International is an all-American, Jacksonville-based brand that has been in production since 1958. So if you’re looking for a premium, affordable cigar, then seek no further than Pom Pom Cigarillos! Indeed, these machine-made bad boys have a solid reputation and are made from quality-grade, US-grown, farmer approved tobacco! In addition to that, Pom Pom Cigarillos come infused with a variety of rich flavors such as Glazed, Grape, Islander, Slow Glow, Sweet, & White Grape! Plus, when you purchase your supply of Pom Pom Cigarillos from Riverfront Gifts we’ll provide you with a unique bundle set such as our 15-pack of 3 for an average price of only thirteen bucks! With this in mind, we totally recommend giving Pom Pom Cigarillos a try!