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XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Black
XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Black
XIKAR Xi2 Cutter Black

Let’s keep it real, there’s plenty of things worse than being stuck with a worn down, cheap, non-functional cigar cutter, although it ranks up there! However, it doesn’t have to be that way! That’s right; introducing the stainless steel XIKAR Xi2, it’s the top of the line in terms of quality, functionality, and of course, affordability! In fact, this particular cigar cutter features a powerful, long-lasting blade that’s sharpened to a Rockwell C rating of 56, which means you don’t ever want to put your finger in there unless you want to lose it! Other than that, this bad boy cost roughly fifty-bucks and will likely last a lifetime, especially if you don’t lose it. Other than that, the XIKAR Xi2 is black in color, durable, uniquely designed, manufactured with precision, and perfectly sized to comfortably fit in any pocket you choose! With this in mind, give XIKAR Xi2 a try, we promise you’ll fall in love every time you light a cigar

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