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Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

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Pushing the bounds of technology is never easy, but Zico USA Inc. has made it easy. Located in California, USA, they have created personalized cigarette machines since 2003.  Making your own cigarettes has never been easier with their invention of affordable and high-quality cigarette injectors. Although their first product was a hit, their latest Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine is a force to be reckoned with.

All you have to do is fill the large hopper with your favorite tobacco, place the cigarette tube on the end of the nozzle or injector and press the large START key. The modern technology ensures the cigarette tube is filled perfectly so that you can enjoy an amazing smoke. It also loads and compresses the tobacco on its own and informs you if there is a jam in the hopper.  After your cigarette is filled, you just store it in the side tray and smoke away!


  • Digitalized- The device has a digital display which shows how many cigarettes have been filled. Each filled cigarette is accounted for. The display will show the word ‘HOPPER’ if more tobacco needs to be added or stirred. The word ‘JAM’ will show up if the hopper is filled with too much tobacco or needs to be cleaned. To start cleaning, open the lid and simply press the ‘START’ button.
  • High-Capacity Hopper- The hopper or tobacco holder holds enough tobacco to fill about 30-32 cigarette tubes.
  • Easy to use- After the tobacco tube is attached to the nozzle, all you have to do is press the large ‘START’ button to start the filling process!
  • Classy and modern design- The Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine aims to please because not only is it small, but it can be placed anywhere in your house and matches the rest of your décor with ease.
  • Useful settings- You can select the density of filling that you want in your tobacco with the two buttons for a higher or lower density available above the ‘START’ button.

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