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Phillies Titan 10 5 pks
Phillies Titan 10 5 pks
Phillies Titan 10 5 pks

Manufactured with excellence in Selma, Alabama by Altadis USA, Phillies Titan Cigars are a must-have if you’re into classic, all-natural tasting cigars that are rich in quality and superior in flavor, just as the brand names suggest!

With this in mind, if you’ve never tried a Phillies Titan Cigar, then here’s your chance to make that happen and experience something new and original. Not to mention, our 10-pack comes with 50 Titan Cigars for a price that can’t be beaten, guaranteed. Also, we ship nationwide with a speedy delivery system that’s always on time! So order your supply of Titan Phillies Machine-Made Cigars today and leave the rest up to Riverfront Gifts! See you soon!

Altadis USA Inc
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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