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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate
Dutch Masters Cigarillos Chocolate

Manufactured by Imperial Brands, Dutch Masters Chocolate Cigarillos are indeed rich and authentic tasting! In fact, these bad boys taste exactly as the name suggests! So if you’re looking for something unique & bold, then, by all means, go with Dutch Master Chocolate Cigarillos! 

That’s right; these bad boys are packed with 100% premium Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed tobacco and machine-rolled to perfection with an all-natural Maduro leaf wrapper! In terms of affordability, well, our 20-pack of 3 bundle deal comes with 60 Chocolate Dutch Cigarillos for an unbeatable price only found here at Riverfront Gifts! With this in mind, secure your supply of Chocolate Dutches today and make it rain with savings!

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