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Dutch Masters President 50ct Box
Dutch Masters President 50ct Box
Dutch Masters President 50ct Box

Manufactured by ITG-Imperial Brands, Dutch Masters President Cigars are by far, the best-selling cigar in the United States! Not to mention, our 50-count box of Dutch President Cigars is one of our best-sellers as well. 

But then again, these bad boys are rich, flavorful, and carefully blended with 100% pure,  premium Dominican/ Cuban-seed tobacco and machine-rolled with an all-natural leaf wrapper! So if you’re looking for something unique tasting, yet slightly mild, then, without a doubt, we recommend giving Dutch Masters President Cigars a try! Not only are they America’s #1 favorite cigar of all time, but they’re also crafted with excellence, meaning they’re smooth, slow-burning, well-balanced, and of course, affordable!

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