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Dutch Cigarillos Berry Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Berry Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Berry Fusion

Manufactured in the Dominican Republic by Imperial Brands (ITG), Dutch Berry Fusion Cigarillos are indeed a real treat if you’re into natural leaf machine-made cigars that are packed to the max with premium Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed tobacco! 

That’s right; Dutch Masters Berry Fusion Cigarillos are made with only high-quality, hand-picked tobacco! So if you’re looking for something rich, robust, and fruity, then, without a doubt, we recommend Berry Fusion Dutches! Not only are they sweet & delicious, but they’re also balanced to perfection and affordable! In fact, you can pick up a 30-pack bundle (60 cigars) from Riverfront Gifts for a mind-blowing price you won’t find anywhere else online!

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