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4 Kings Wraps

Average Price : $22.49

Al Capone Tobacco Leaf Wraps

Average Price : $16.79

Double Platinum Wraps

Average Price : $16.44

Good Times Flat Wraps

Average Price : $14.39

High Hemp Organic Wraps

Average Price : $26.85

Natty Organic Hemp Wraps

Average Price : $11.99

Royal Blunts Wraps

Average Price : $14.07

Sweet Woods Leaf Wraps

Average Price : $31.39

Twisted Hemp Wraps

Average Price : $14.06

Zags Hemp Wraps

Average Price : $20.49

Zig Zag Cones

Average Price : $15.39

Zig Zag Wraps

Average Price : $17.73

Blunt Wraps

If you’ve been searching for affordable boxes of Blunt Wraps, then your quest to find ends here at Riverfront Gifts! That’s right; we now carry all the best-selling wraps in the United States! As you know, every city sets its own trends, especially when it comes to Blunt Wraps! So after analyzing the figures, we decided that those will be the ones we sell. After all, numbers don’t lie, the people have spoken! With that said, you can now score boxes of Blunt Wraps from brands such as Double Platinum, Good Times, Royal Blunts, which is a Cali treat, Sweet Woods Leaf Wraps, Zig Zags, Twisted Hemp, and everyone’s new favorite, High Hemp Organic Wraps! In addition to that, each brand provides smokers with several options regarding price and flavor! With this in mind, don’t stroll by without taking another glance at our vast collection of wraps, we’re sure you’ll be impressed, if not inspired. Other than that, we hope you find what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out anytime with questions, comments, or recommendations, we’d love to hear from you!