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Wild Hemp Wraps

If you’ve been searching high and low for a better hemp wrap alternative, try Wild Hemp Wraps! These pure and wholesome wraps come at an amazing value. You'll get a large 80-count box at an unbeatable price! Plus, Wild Hemp Wraps are entirely wholesome. They’re free of THC, CBD, nicotine, tobacco, pesticides, and harsh chemicals! So, you can savor your bud guilt-free. They even include filters for cleaner and gentler hits!

On top of that, these hemp wraps naturally hold their form. This makes them quite easy to roll a blunt with! Since they come divided into 4-count pouches, they’re always fresh and ideal for smokers on-the-move. Plus, they burn smoothly and slowly for a deliciously relaxing smoke break anytime, anywhere.

Then, Wild Hemp Wraps come in a wide range of delicious terpene-based flavors! Each of their flavors implements natural food-grade ingredients so you can smoke with peace of mind. Or, for an unflavored and wholesome experience that tastes of nothing but terpene goodness, there’s an unflavored Natural option.

From there, you can choose from Sweetz, Purpz, Island Twist, Tropical Buzz, and Limeade flavors! For sweet and fresh candy grape flavor, Purpz is the way to go. Or, if you love fresh mangoes, Tropical Buzz is a great choice! Then, if you like the pineapple coconut taste of Pina Coladas, Island Twist is a creamy and mouth-watering choice! Finally, for fans of crisp citrus, Limeade is a great go-to.

To try these wholesome and smooth hemp wraps today, you can easily buy them right here at Riverfront Gifts! Not only do we sell Wild Hemp Wraps at close to wholesale prices, but we’ll ship them right to you! Our customer reviews are on-point and our service is unbeatable. Skip the hassle of the smoke shop and try Wild Hemp Wraps now!