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Twisted Hemp Wraps

Rolling your own is fun but there comes a time when you might get bored of the traditional tobacco filled, tobacco flavored wraps. When it comes to this, why not try rolling a blunt from unique and delicious all-natural wraps?  Twisted Hemp Wraps are made from pure Canadian Hemp fiber that is distributed in Las Vegas, USA. Although they might be a bit difficult to find in the market, we have got you covered, but our stock isn’t unlimited!  These amazing wraps are made from organic and eco-friendly hemp fibers that are unbleached and free from any harmful chemicals. Although they come in a variety of flavors, they are free from tobacco and nicotine so you can enjoy your filling the way it was intended, natural and pure.

Twisted Hemp Wraps come in a vast array of flavors such as Blue Raspberry, California Dreams, Grape Burst, and Plain Jane. They are sweet and aromatic but not overly fruity. Created for the best, these wraps are stored in resealable pouches and you don’t have to worry about any tears because they retain moisture! Take your pick from 15 packs of 4 (60 wraps) or 15 packs of 2 (30 wraps) before we run out of stock!