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p>Triple Crown Filtered Cigarette Tubes

Manufactured in West Virginia by Vam Tobacco Company, Triple Crown Pipe Tobacco and the company’s signature RYO Filtered Cigarette Tubes are indeed one of the best-selling combos here at Riverfront Gifts! But then again, our prices are untouchable, plus we only offer quality-made products!

Other than those facts, Triple Crown RYO Filtered Cigarette Tubes are made with premium fibers and feature an all-natural cotton filter tip! So if you’re looking for better quality tubes that are affordable and durable, then proceed no further until you secure a couple of bags of Triple Crown RYO Tobacco, a few boxes of TC Tubes, and an electric cigarette rolling machine if you need. After that, you should be all set and ready to go! With that said, give Triple Crown a try and let us know what you think and how much you ended up saving after one month!