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Royal Majestic Filtered Cigarette Tubes

Hands down, Royal Majestic RYO Filtered Cigarette Tubes are Royal & Majestic in every sense of the words! Not to mention, they’re one of the best-selling international brands in the United States! So if you’re into manufacturing your own smokes and looking for something new, then improve your RYO experience by giving these bad boys a try!

That’s right; Royal Majestic RYO Filtered Cigarette Tubes are made from premium, slow-burning forest fibers and features an all-natural cotton filtered tip! So as you can see, when it comes to quality and durability, Royal Majestic is indeed the International King! In terms of affordability, it’s the same, Royal Majestic can’t be touched. With this in mind, pick up a 200-count box of these cigarette tubes at Riverfront Gifts today and enjoy King Size Savings!