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Raw Cigarette Tubes King Size 200 Ct

Manufactured in Alcoi, Spain, the home of the first rolling paper ever made, RAW King Size Cigarette Tubes are indeed a game-changer! In fact, if you’re an RYO enthusiast that prefers all-natural, organic tobacco, then you’re totally going to love RAW Cigarette Tubes!

That’s right; these revolutionary, unrefined cigarette tubes are made with organic forest fibers and are 100% vegan-friendly! Indeed, RAW Cigarette Tubes are chemical-free, including No GMO! Also, RAW Tubes feature an all-natural cellulose filter, which has a similar consistency to cotton tips! So as you can see, it really doesn’t get much better than RAW King Size Cigarette Tubes! Not to mention, our prices are untouchable, as you can clearly see above, plus we ship nationwide, home delivery guaranteed.

So if you’ve been looking to clean up your act, then, by all means, switch to RAW Cigarette Tubes today and start smoking more responsibly! Besides, for only a few bucks you can score a 200-count box of RAW Tubes! With this in mind, pick up up a box today, let us know where it’s going, and we’ll be on our way, guaranteed.