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Karma Hemp Wraps

Manufactured in the USA, Karma Hemp Wraps by Zig Zag is by far, the most authentic tasting blunt wrap available for purchase! Indeed, we’ve tried many, but truth be told, there’s nothing on the market quite like a Karma Hemp Wrap, and that’s a fact. So if you’re on the hunt for something unique and of course, organic, then seek no further than Riverfront Gifts!

That’s right; at RFG we offer exclusive 25-pack value boxes of Karma Hemp Wraps at a price that’ll instantly blow your mind and save you a ton of cash at the same time! Plus, we offer all four flavors, with more to come soon! As for now, we carry Blazin Blue, Tropic Trip, Purple Chill, and of course, Original flavored Karma Hemp Wraps! 

In addition to that, Karma Hemp Wraps are made from 100% pure, American-grown Hemp! In other words, these bad boys are completely free of tobacco and nicotine, just as you’d expect. Not to mention, Karma are GMO & gluten-free, meaning they’re safe to consume, unlike most chemical-based blunt wraps! 

All in all, Karma Hemp Wraps are a must-have, especially if you’re looking for something clean, unique, & slow-burning! So before you cash out, make sure you scoop up all four original flavors and never settle for less again! Also, keep in mind, Hemp is legally sold in all 50 states, so we deliver nationwide, regardless of where you reside in the USA!