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Ten Pointer Pipe Tobacco

Ten Pointer Pipe Tobacco is a unique, organic, all-natural RYO brand made by Ohserase Tobacco Company on Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation in Upstate New York. So if you’re looking natural-tasting tobacco that’s not loaded down with harmful chemicals such as artificial flavors & pesticides, then seek no further than Ten Pointer Pipe Tobacco! Indeed, the brand’s manufacturer only uses premium-quality leaves from Burley & Virginia, and nothing else! That’s right; Ten Pointer is 100% straight up organic, non-addictive tobacco, no additives included. Also, this good stuff comes in three original flavors such as Regular, Smooth, & Menthol. So whatever you’re into, Ten Pointer has you covered. Other than that, this good stuff is affordable and can match any budget. In fact, you can score a one-pound bag of Ten Pointer Tobacco for an average price of only fifteen bucks! With this in mind, give Ten Pointer RYO a try and never settle for less again!


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