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Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct
Zig Zag Cones Pineapple 15ct

Manufactured in the USA, Zig Zag Pineapple Cones are indeed one of the most unique-tasting blunt wraps on the market today! Not only are they made with premium, all-natural wood fibers, but they’re also authentic in flavor and super easy to use!

That’s right; Zig Zag Cones are simple and convenient, just pack and light a match! So if you’re not into rolling, then choose Zig Zag Cones and NEVER worry about it again! In addition to that, these bad boys are super fruity and made with all-natural pineapple flavor, just as the name suggests, nothing less! With this in mind, pick up a 15-count value box of Zig Zag Pineapple Cones from Riverfront Gifs today and save!

Zig Zag

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