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True Hemp Wraps Flav R Less 25 Packs of 2
True Hemp Wraps Flav R Less 25 Packs of 2
True Hemp Wraps Flav R Less 25 Packs of 2

Since these True Hemp Flav R Less wraps are made using only the finest 100% organic Canadian hemp, you’ll experience budget-friendly quality like nothing else! Consequently, they’re one of the most impressive unflavored new hemp blunt wraps to hit the market. As such, selective smokers have been raving about the True Hemp company.

Free of unnatural flavors, these smooth wraps allow you to make your bud the star of the show! Taste nothing but your terpenes as you kick back and chill. Also, quality hemp wraps like these are free of nicotine, harsh chemicals, and unnatural additives!

In recent years, many smokers have decided to switch from tobacco wraps and instead use hemp blunt papers. Made with carefully spun hemp paper, these wraps are ideal for those who want a more wholesome smoking session and an easier way to roll a blunt. Moreover, hemp naturally holds its form and burns slowly and evenly. When you order True Hemp Wraps here, you’ll get an amazing value on an already impressively priced product!

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