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Deans Little Cigars Vanilla
Deans Little Cigars Vanilla
Deans Little Cigars Vanilla

Manufactured in the heart of tobacco country, Deans Vanilla Little Filtered Cigars by H&R Holdings-North Carolina is an all-American brand that features rich, premium-quality tobacco in all its products! Not to mention, Deans Filtered Cigars are unbelievably affordable! In fact, when you purchase your supply of Little Cigars from Riverfront Gifts you’ll instantly save! Indeed, we offer 10-pack cartons of Dean Vanilla Little Cigars for ONLY $14 on average! With that said, just imagine how much you could save by switching to Deans Filtered Cigars for $1.40 a pack! In addition to that, these bad boys sophisticated, carefully balanced, slightly aromatic, and without debate, twice as satisfying as a cigarette!

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
M & R Holdings
3 7/8
200 Little Cigars
Dean's Filtered Cigars

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