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Deans Little Cigars Full Flavor
Deans Little Cigars Full Flavor
Deans Little Cigars Full Flavor

Deans Full Flavor Little Cigars by H&R Holdings is an all-American flavor and brand manufactured in the United States! Plus, Dean’s Filtered Cigars are made with 100% premium, high-quality tobacco grown exclusively in North Carolina! Not to mention, at Riverfront Gifts you can score a 10-pack carton of Deans Full Flavor Little Cigars for only $14 on average! So if you’re paying more than $1.40 a pack, then honestly, you’re overpaying and we intend to change that right now, today! With this in mind, most smokers in the US spend in between $50 to $150+ a week on cigarettes! In other words, if you switch to Deans Filtered Cigars you could easily save $2,800 to $8,500+ a year, depending on where you live of course! Now that’s some serious cash, you do the math!

3 7/8
200 Little Cigars
Dean Cigar
10 Packs of 20 Cigars
M & R Holdings

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