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38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box
38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box
38 Special Little Cigars Peach 100 Box

As you may notice by now, 38 Special Little Cigars by Lake Erie Tobacco Company are unique and come in a variety of fruity flavors such as Cherry, Grape, and of course, Peach, which is definitely a hot seller at Riverfront Gifts! But then again, 38 Special Little Peach Cigars are authentic tasting, original, made with quality, all-natural tobacco, and are sold for an honest price of roughly nine bucks, which is almost unbelievable considering the quality! So if you’re looking to stash away some cash this year, then now is the time to ditch expensive cigarettes and switch to 38 Special Little, Filtered Cigars! We can’t guarantee you’ll love them, but we can promise you’ll save thousands over the next 12 months if you just give them a try! With this in mind, pick up a carton today and let the savings begin!

3 7/8
200 Little Cigars
38 Special
10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Lake Erie Tobacco

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lesley P on 05/19/2019

Kathy S on 02/19/2019
the cigars are great price and reasonable price. Fast phone pickup, very friendly and I will always use River front for my purchases.

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