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Fischers Meat Snacks

Average Price : $16.02

Hannahs Meat Snacks

Average Price : $17.13

Herbs Meat Snacks

Average Price : $20.99

Hillshire Farms

Average Price : $14.99

Hormel Meat Snacks

Average Price : $6.49

Jack Links Meat Snacks

Average Price : $35.62

Penrose Meat Snacks

Average Price : $18.77

Slim Jim Meat Snacks

Average Price : $34.57

Meat Snacks

As clear as it is, Riverfront Gifts isn’t your typical online smoke shop! That’s right; we take pride in offering our customers hard to find products that are affordable, delicious, and only found in or around Cincinnati. With that said, it’s our pleasure to present to you our fine selection of quality meat snacks from brands such as Fischer’s, Hannah’s, Herb’s, Hillshire Farms, Hormel, Jack Links, Penrose, & of course, Slim Jim! So if you’re a retailer and searching for hot, new items to add to your store, then you’re in the right place to secure a deal. However, you don’t have to be a retailer to receive the same deals! In fact, our prices are set, if you order your supplies from us, you get them for the same price as everyone else shops with Riverfront Gifts! In addition to that, we offer FREE SHIPPING to EVERY qualifying order that exceeds $199 at checkout, guaranteed. With this in mind, browse our meat snacks and save money and time!