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Black Jack Chewing Gum

Average Price : $10.99


Average Price : $8.74

Fruit Stripe

Average Price : $13.79

Jolt Energy Gum

Average Price : $21.99


Average Price : $14.79

Chewing Gum 

Let’s be honest, chewing gum is and will always be a hot-selling product. In fact, all you need to do is display your selection of gum where everyone can see and it will sell itself, guaranteed.  With this in mind, the team at Riverfront Gifts decided it was necessary to offer our customers a variety of chewing gum, in bulk at a price no other online retailer can compete with! That’s right; at RFG you can score cases of Black Jack Chewing Gum, Clarks, Fruit Stripes, Jolt Energy Gum (Hot Seller), and of course, our best-seller Wrigleys, which includes all flavors such as Big Red, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, Spearmint, and Winterfresh! So as you can see, when it comes to a variety of top-selling chewing gum, RFG has plenty to choose from, wouldn’t you agree? With that said, browse around and don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you’re looking for something in particular, chances are we have it or can get our hands on it.