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Blackstone Little Cigars Mild Vanilla
Blackstone Little Cigars Mild Vanilla
Blackstone Little Cigars Mild Vanilla

Manufactured and crafted by Swisher International, Blackstone Mild Vanilla Little Cigars are an absolute game-changer for all those looking to enhance their smoking profile! That’s right; in terms of quality and affordability, Blackstone Little Mild Vanilla Cigars are exactly as described. Indeed, these bad boys are superior in flavor, extremely mild, perfectly balanced, sophisticated, lightly sweetened, aromatic, attractive, and on average, only cost twenty-three bucks a carton, which includes ten-pack twenty little, filtered cigars! So if saving a few grand this year sounds inviting, then we’d like to personally invite you to pick up a carton today and let us know what you think, although we already know you’re going to love Blackstone!

Blackstone Cigar
10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Swisher International
3 7/8
200 Little Cigars

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