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Splitarillos Cigarillos OG Sweet 30ct
Splitarillos Cigarillos OG Sweet 30ct
Splitarillos Cigarillos OG Sweet 30ct

Hands down; Splitarillos OG Sweet Cigarillos by Trendsettah USA are indeed unique, sweet, and original. In fact, we promise you’ve never had anything quite like a Splitarillos Sweet Cigarillo! Indeed, these bad boys are produced with premium, all-natural Dominican tobacco and come with 6 cigarillos per pack for only .99 cents! So as you can see, it only makes sense to switch to Splitarillos! Sadly, these sticks are not available in every store; however, the good folks at Riverfront Gifts are aware of this, that’s why we’ve decided to run a nationwide campaign! That’s right; at RFG we carry the largest supply of cigars and tobacco online, and that includes Splitarillos OG Sweet Cigarillos! Also, we deliver nationwide, so if your local supplier doesn’t provide you with Splitarillos then let him know, he’s fired. With this in mind, hire RFG to deliver, we guarantee you’ll be impressed with our service just as you are with our prices!

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