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Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box
Rap Cigarillos Grape 15ct Box

Manufactured in Miami, Florida by Heritage Tobacco, Rap Grape Cigarillos are indeed another best-seller here at Riverfront Gifts. But then again, these bad boys come with 4 Rap Cigars for only .99 cents a pack! Plus, when you secure your Rap Grape Cigarillos from us you’ll get’em for a lot cheaper than that, and that’s a fact you can clearly see in our prices listed above!

Other than that, Rap Grape Cigarillos are packed with all-natural, premium-grade Dominican tobacco, meaning they’re authentic tasting, well-balanced, and affordable! In fact, our 20-pack value box of Rap Cigarillos come with 80 grape-flavored cigars for a price just as sweet as they taste, guaranteed. So if you’re looking for something new and original, then, don’t delay, give Rap Grape Cigarillos a try today & save!

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