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Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct
Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct
Phillies Cigarillos Combo 120ct

If by chance you stumble across this product description, then consider yourself lucky because you just found the BEST DEAL on Phillies Original Cigarillos online! In fact, you could pass through a thousand stores in person and still, you wouldn’t find a deal sweeter than this one!

That’s right; our Double Box Combo of Phillies Cigarillos comes with 60 packs of two! Indeed, you’ll receive 120 cigarillos for a price that’ll smack you in your eyes, just take a look above and duck! Also, if you own and operate a small local smoke shop, then here’s a deal that’ll land you more in profit than when you spent on the product. Now, if that’s not a win-win, then there’s no such thing! Luckily, that’s not the case here at Riverfront Gifts! As you can see, the only thing CHEAP about this deal is the PRICE!

Altadis USA Inc
60 Packs of 2 Cigars

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