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Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Mango 30ct

Optimo Mango Cigarillos by Swisher International is an all-American favorite that features rich, exotic mango flavors that are smooth, interesting, & refreshing! So if you’re in search of something new and improving, then perhaps it’s time to retire your current brand and take a chance on Optimo Mango Cigarillos, we guarantee you’ll be impressed. Indeed, Optimos are made with genuine fruit flavor extracts and wrapped with an all-natural leaf for added quality and balance. Not to mention, our 30ct box of Optimos comes with 30 packs of 2, 60 cigars, for one sweet price that other online retailers simply can’t compete with! Plus, we ship nationwide, anytime, anyplace, any weather, guaranteed. With this in mind, secure your big bundle box of Optimo Cigarillos today and save!

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