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King Edward Imperial 10 5pks
King Edward Imperial 10 5pks
King Edward Imperial 10 5pks

Manufactured by Swisher International, King Edward Imperial Cigars are indeed royalty in every sense of the word. Named after King Edward VII, the man known in history for overturning Queen Victoria’s smoking ban in England during Britain’s Imperial era now has one of the best-selling cigars in the world named after him! But then again, King Edward Imperial Cigars are made with all-natural pipe tobacco and provide a light-body, sweet and hearty smoking experience that no other value cigar can compete with or duplicate! So if you’re looking for something new and refreshing then now’s the time to put that plan into action! In fact, when you secure your supply from Riverfront Gifts, you’ll get a chance to take home our big 10-pack value box, which includes 50 King Edward Imperial Cigars for a price you won’t find anywhere else online, and that’s a fact, we tried.

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